What is a BB Cream?

What is a BB Cream? blemish balm creamBB creams are everywhere having made a massive impact upon the world of everyday cosmetics and beauty over the course of the last 2 years. Originating in Asia where they have long been popular, this miracle cream has made its way to become one of the beauty essentials of recent years with almost every known make-up and beauty brand developing its own version. The BB in BB cream actually stands for Blemish Balm although this can be slightly deceptive as it is certainly not just aimed at spot-prone skin. Essentially it is a highly multi-functional or all-in-one cosmetic that serves a multitude of purposes. It is this convenience and functionality that have attracted many women and made it a fundamental part of many beauty regimens. Protection and Nourishment While the creams vary to some extent depending upon the brand, they essentially all have the same properties, one of which is to protect and nourish the skin. These lotions are infused with several skin-boosting nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals that serve to hydrate the skin while also creating a defensive layer against harmful environmental effects. Most are also inclusive of a degree of UV protection and pore-refining and smoothing ingredients which altogether help to moisturise and protect the skin on a daily basis. Alternative to Foundation As well as the hydrating and protective factors that the cream provides, it can also be used as a foundation or basic cover-up instead of make-up. The cream is tinted so you can usually choose which shade you want – much like real foundation but with less colour variety – and provides a great level of coverage for blemishes, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores or any other areas that need correction or coverage. While more severe blemishes and spots would likely warrant a stronger concealer, this cream is perfect for everyday milder blemishes that do not require a strong concealment. Dewy Appearance One of the many factors that women admire in this product is the dewy and soft coverage that it gives too the face. Rather than looking caked-on or heavily made-up, this cream is designed to look extremely natural and fresh and creates a dewy glow and radiance when applied properly. This look is very on trend at the moment and the cream makes it very easy to achieve. Overall, the multi-functionality of the cream and the convenience it provides makes it a great option for busy women, or women who do not like to wear much make-up, as it saves time and hassle particularly in the morning when every moment is precious!