How to Cut Your own Bang?

cut hair bangsYou can transform your look within five minutes by cutting your own bang. A hair bang is also known as a “fringe”. You can achieve looks such as pin-up, choppy, straight, shaved, parted and side fringes among many others. To know how to cut the hairstyle you need materials such as scissors, comb and a mirror. Follow these steps to achieve a great fringe: a. Sit in front of the mirror and visualize where you want your trims to hang when learning how to cut bang. b. Comb the hair to the front and let it fall freely. c. Select the hair to cut and part it to create a triangle. d. Use the pins to secure hair you do not want to cut. e. Grasp the hair you want to cut between your fingers. f. Keep the hair you want to trim centered, hold it with your weak hand and twist it to secure all the hairs. g. Cut your hair using your dominant hand to ensure steady trimming. h. Start at the center of the forehead and snip a quarter-inch at a time until you are satisfied. Cutting your own hair is tricky and can be a disaster if you do it wrong. You should note that it is easy to cut hair but impossible to attach it back. These tips will guide you to know how to cut it perfectly. Tips When Cutting your Own Bang Prior cutting, ensure your hair is dry. Do not wet it because you are likely to make a mistake when cutting it. You can begin cutting your wet hair only to end up with shorter hair than you wanted. You also need to decide the size of your fringe before cutting. If you desire a thicker trim go further back to find where it will start. In addition, choose sharp hair-cutting scissors for the work. Begin by separating the rest of the hair with a band or clips to avoid accidentally cutting it. Thereafter, twist the hair before snipping to allow a “wispy” look rather than a blunt chop. While cutting the selected hair, comb it down to decide on the length. Tips When Trimming your Existing Bang First, style your hair as you do normally including the fringe to make sure your trim will fit. Then hold the hair back and leave the cuts out. You should pull the cuts in front of your face and trim. Furthermore, make sure the cuts are even and snip while holding the scissors up. You can begin from the center and trim outward until you obtain the desired length but do not cut across. Lastly, comb your hair using your fingers and cut hairs that are out of place.