Find your skin type

skin careIn a world where beauty is prized, skin care reigns supreme. But before a good skin care regime can be developed, it is important to know and understand the type of skin you have. This vital knowledge should be used as the basis to devise the most suitable cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine for yourself. If you keep to this routine religiously, then, over a period of time, you will see the fruits of your labor. Basic Skin Types In general, there are five main skin categories – dry, normal, oily, combination, and sensitive. Of course, normal skin is the best because it is the least problematic. It looks clean, and has a feel of elasticity and suppleness when touched. Even with age, those with normal skin type look good. Dry skin, on the other hand, tend to have reddish patches, alongside flakes and fine wrinkles, resulting in a dull and ashy appearance. In contrast, those with oily skin suffer from shine and rather large pores. To add, blackheads and blemishes are a part of this skin type. Most people have combination skin, which is probably the most difficult to take care of. For, you will have to deal with two different types of skin behaviors at any one time – an oily T-zone, and dry cheeks. Breakouts are quite frequent, and skin pores, especially at the nose area, are likely to be quite visible. How to Determine Your Skin Type In order to determine your skin type, just answer some basic questions like your skin’s texture, pore appearance, feeling of tightness around the mouth and the eyes, and the existence of shine, wrinkles and pimples. There are many internet sites that provide these easy tests. The diagnosis will be given in a fraction of a second after you have completed the test. Of course, if you prefer, just visit some departmental stores that stock upmarket skin care products. There are surely some beauticians on duty who can help you determine the skin category you belong to. Care for Your Skin body creamOnce you know the category of your skin, you can look for the most suitable products to buy and how best to use them. For example, if you have combination skin, a balance between oil control in the T-zone, and moisture application at other areas, is needed in order to ensure an even and healthy skin tone. A good, mild cleanser used twice a day would be sufficient. If you have sensitive skin, sun-screen creams and lotions should always be applied. The cleanser to choose here is the basic, mild, baby soap. On the other hand, dry skin calls for creamer or lotion cleansers rather than bar soaps. No matter what your skin type, there are thousands of products out there you can choose from. Choose and use the products wisely for the best skin results!