Winter 2019: women fashion trends

A new year brings new trends. This winter 2019 is no exception, especially in the fashion world. This winter is all about classics but also fun and glamour. And as it is still winter, we want to feel cosy and warm. How does this translates into looks? Let’s talk about the winter 2019 fashion trends.

Layering: having fun and staying warm

Layering is the accumulation of items and colours. It is really convenient in winter to stay warm and create a shield against the cold. If you want to play it bold and colourful, you can add layers of different colours as seen in the Balenciaga fashion show. To keep it more simple, play with textures instead and add a hoodie and a padded jacket on a leather or lace dress. Knitwear is also a must and you can wear a nice sweater over a shirt and under a parka for example. Clothing stores are full of options for layering as there are so many ways of following this trend.

pictures from fashion show women
Source: Vogue

Bringing back old trends

As fashion works in cycles, it is no surprise to see looks inspired from the 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s. Mini-dresses and mini-skirts are perfect to bring back the free spirit of the 60s. Free the hippie in you by mixing and matching patterns and get a folk look with capes and fringes. The 80s and the structured jackets are also back. We like the 80s shoulders in dresses or blazers and short or oversize jackets. Glitter is also allowed both day and night. Mom jeans remind us of the 90s and also the fluo colours.

black and white photo woman wearing a glitter dress
Dress for women – Maje


As for prints, you can almost try anything. Leopard and python are must-haves wether in a small touch with a belt or bag or a stronger piece like a skirt or trousers. Checks are also everywhere and in a lot of colours as is the chic houndstooth check.

Commentaires de l'article :

  • miranda-glascow, le 11/08/2023

    Funny how nowadays flared pants are trending for women and tight jeans for men are everywhere. It's like trends have switched in a few years only.

  • jessy-23, le 11/08/2023

    @miranda-glascow So true! I think it has to do with how mentalities have changed around what is feminine and what is masculine. That's good!

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