My make-up removal routine

make-up removalPutting on make-up can be fun, especially if the reason for putting it on is to look your best for the great event you are attending. However, removing the make-up is another story, because this job usually comes at the end of the day, when you just feel like jumping into bed and falling asleep. While jumping straight into bed is the more tempting option, it is important that you spend enough time and effort on make-up removal. For, without a good and proper make-up removal routine, you will find that your skin will not behave the way you like it to be. Easy Make-up Removal Techniques I have two make-up removal routines – the first is the short version, and another is the long, elaborate one. At times when I am very tired, I use the shorter version. I start by squeezing a bit of cosmetic remover cream onto a few pieces of square cotton puffs. Some people use regular moisturizer or lotion when doing this, which can work out just fine. Then, I gently wipe my eyes with the cotton puffs. If I have stubborn make-up like waterproof mascara, I do this several times. Once my eyes are rid of cosmetics, I repeat the step on my T-bone and cheeks using either the square cotton puffs or some make-up wipes. Either way, the puffs or the wipes must be fresh. I do not ‘recycle’ the puffs or wipes after they are used at other parts of my face. The short make-up removal routine ends here. Of course, this over-simplistic regime is thesquare cotton puff barest minimum one. Going a few more steps beyond this is much better in the long run. So, if what I have on my face is heavy, or if I still have the energy to pamper my face some more, I would then proceed to apply a cleanser, followed by a toner, and then moisturizer. The toner picks up on whatever left-over traces of make-up on the face, while the moisturizer serves as a kind of balm on my skin after it has been subjected to the rather harsh make-up removal routine earlier. This full regime will not only make my skin feel better, it is also psychologically calming as I lay down to sleep. Only the Best Products for Me I have been using only the best make-up removal products. They smell fresh, and are gentle to my rather sensitive skin. This means they are water-based, and without any perfume or alcohol. I believe that a good facial cleanser applied with a spiral motion on the skin goes a long way to improve blood circulation, opens up pores, and does cleansing, exfoliating, and toning on the skin. Most of the time, I actually enjoy my make-up removal routine!