The Institut Curie: beating the deadly, disfiguring scourge of cancer

The Curie Institute (the Institut Curie) is one of many specialist cancer hospitals in France. This charitable foundation particularly stands out for its illustrious alumni (five Nobel prizes have been awarded to individuals linked to the Institute) and its highly-advanced facilities, which include the only proton therapy treatment centre in France, located in one of its three main research sites.

health-institut-curie Cancer affects millions each year, with breast cancer being an especially pervasive and distressin example. Breast cancer care in France is a healthcare priority, and the Institut Curie, as a benchmark centre, is well-placed to treat this condition. Treatment success rates have significantly increased thanks in part to fundamental and clinical research carried out by establishments like the Institute. The Institut Curie continues to be a pioneer in this field, having implemented cutting-edge techniques such as mastectomy under hypnosis, instead of the traditional general anaesthetic. In addition, the foundation offers world-class expertise in the area of breast reconstruction.

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