How to make a good body srubs ?

home made body scrubsFor many people, a good scrub at the end of a rough day is a must.
Scrubbing not only eliminates stubborn dirt on the skin, it does much
more than that. For starters, it improves blood circulation. The
‘roughness’ in the scrub invigorates the skin, especially if applied in a
way that mimics massaging. This brings about a relaxing state of mind.
You feel both pampered and calmed, not to mention fresh and clean at the end of the scrubbing session!

Go For Homemade Body Scrubs

While there are many commercial body scrubs available out there, many people
swear that the best are the ones that they make themselves. It is not so
much the money factor that makes people want to create their own,
although some body scrubs can be very expensive indeed. Making your own
scrub is both easy and satisfying that it becomes part of the calming
and relaxing activity that occurs before the actual body scrubbing
routine takes place.

There are many recipes that can be used for
making body scrubs. Some are simple while others are sophisticated.
Generally, there are three main categories of ingredients present in any
body scrub recipe – exfoliant, carrier oil, and fragrance. The
exfoliant is the gritty stuff that provides the ‘roughness’ so desired
in any scrub. The most common exfoliants are salt and sugar, because
these dilute in water and hence you need not worry about dealing with a
messy bathtub after use. However, some people like to try more ‘exotic’
exfoliants like ground coffee, oatmeal, almond meal, rice bran, and
several others. Ground coffee gives a fantastic aroma, making it rather
popular among scrub lovers.brown sugar body scrub

Carrier oil (or base oil) is the stuff
that holds the potion together, and at the same time, it moisturizes
your skin. Sunflower oil, grape seed oil, and hazelnut oil are quite
common. Some oils tend to be heavy, leaving your skin rather greasy
after use. Which oil to choose depends on how you like your skin to feel
after the scrub. Many recipes call for 1/3 cup of carrier oil for every
cup of exfoliant used. The last ingredient is fragrance, which comes
from essential oil or synthetic fragrance oil. Essential oil is, of
course, the better option, and choosing one depends on the type of skin
you own. For example, if your skin is normal, then several drops of
germanium, lavender, and ylang-ylang will work out wonders.

Experiment and Enjoy the Result!

Try out a few simple recipes first, and see how the body scrubs of your
very own creation suit your skin and your mind. Experiment with
different combinations of exfoliants, base oils, and fragrances. You
will find that the whole routine of making, storing, and then using the
body scrubs is a comforting and soothing experience that is well worth
your time!

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