Apply Properly Your Mascara

mascaraThe skill to apply mascara can be mastered fast and easily. The eye product
is available in many colors to suit many different kinds of eyes and
eyelashes. You have to ensure you pick the right mascara before
proceeding to application.

Once you learn the basics of application you will be in a position to refine your skill until you
become a fan. Applying mascara will enhance your eyes and define your
eyelashes. In addition, it can give you pretty and natural-looking

The steps are simple to follow to achieve a fantastic mascara-look that you have always wanted.

Use an eye curler to give your lashes some curls.
Open the type of mascara you have chosen to complement your look.
Pull the wand out and remove any unnecessary mascara by scraping the tip or dabbing it on tissue.
Hold the mascara and start applying with an exterior motion.
Place the wand near the roots and wiggle it to apply the lash line and
work your way to the tips. The wiggling gives the illusion of depth,
reduces clumping and helps to separate the eyelashes.
While still wiggling, move the wand through your eyelashes by using the upward motion.
Use the wand to pull the eyelashes outward and against your temple.
Apply more coats preferably 2 or 3 to acquire a more defined look.
Apply the other coats while the first coat is not too dry to avoid

Tips to Applying Mascara Properly

Make sure you clean your eyelashes well before you apply mascara.applying mascara
Keep your eyes open so you can see how you are doing with the application and to avoid smearing.
If you have to apply mascara on the lower lashes ensure you place tissue under the lashes.
Do not apply all the lower eyelashes. Instead, give the lashes at the
outer corner of your eyes a light touch to avoid a doll-like look.
Pumping the wand in and out allows air in the tube which can cause the mascara to dry quickly.
A color that is slightly darker than the color of your eyebrow can give you a more natural look.
Bend the wand at the best angle that gives you a steady hand.
Curling your eye lashes before application can give your eyes a brighter and wider appearance.

How to Remove Mascara Lumps

You can learn to apply mascara like a professional once you learn the
steps, tricks and tips. However, you may get occasional clumps on your
lashes. Clumps give the eyelashes an inconsistent and shady look. You
can remove the clumps by using an eyelash comb to brush your eyelashes
after the mascara has dried.

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