Find the Perfect Eyeshadow

Find the Perfect Eyeshadow eyeshadowEye make-up is perhaps one of the trickier products to buy and even to apply. With such a diverse selection of colours, styles, brands, palettes and varieties, it’s not always easy to understand what the best product is for your needs and also what suits your look. Should you match it to the colour of your eyes? Do you apply it both above and below the eye? Must you stick to one colour or can you mix them? What type of brush is best for application? And how do you create a smoky eye look? Natural and Everyday Looks While most people see eyeshadow as a fundamental part of their going-out and party image, very often women avoid eyeshadow for every day looks as it can be seen as too heavy. This does not have to be the case. Eye-make-up can still look very subtle and flattering even if it is light and natural looking. The key is to choose the most appropriate shade and apply it correctly. For example, if you have brown, hazel or dark eyes, opt for a palette of warm, earthy, neutral tones such as browns, beiges, golds and taupes in a range of strengths. These shades should be applied lightly and subtly over the lid to compliment the eye – not overpower it. Sticking to these neutral tones creates a natural look that flatters. If you have blue eyes, stick to light shades of blues and greys. Do not saturate the eye area in a single sheet of shadow – simply apply it to the crease of the eye socket and gently sweep it out towards the outer corners. Glam Looks Weekend make-up is a great excuse for creating more dramatic looks like the smoky eye. To do this, you must first identify the different sections of the eye area, namely, the lid, the outer corner, inner corner, the socket line and above the socket, and under the eye. Each section requires a slightly different shade or strength to create a dramatic look that enhances the eye and makes it look bigger and better. Begin by sweeping the entire eyelid with the lightest shade. Blend in a darker shade towards the outer corner and the darkest shade within the crease of the socket. You can also apply a little under the eye but be careful not to overdo it here as it is easy to end up with a panda-eye look without even realising!