Choose the Perfect Foundation Cream for your Skin

Choose the Perfect Foundation Cream for Your Skin skin fondation creamThe vast majority of women use some type of skin cream as a basic primer or foundation for their look. But while many simply go for a recommended brand or an expensive looking product, it is far more important to identify the perfect foundation cream for your individual skin type rather than assuming that a good brand will suit all as this is not the case. Cosmetics like skin creams are made to support the healthy and youthful appearance of skin. If the correct type of product is not used, then the purpose of the cream is bring defeated. Identify your Skin Type One of the very first things to do in order to find a skin cream that will optimise your skin type, is to identify exactly what type of skin you have. The 3 main categories here are oily, dry or combination. It is also worth noting if your skin is sensitive and how old you are. Once you have done this, you may come up with a description like; oily, sensitive and mature or; dry, normal and teenage. Oily and dry descriptors are pretty self-explanatory whereas combination skin usually means that the person has an oily t-zone but is dry in other facial areas. Establish what needs to be Corrected or Helped Once you know your skin type, think about problems you have with your skin. Many common skin-related issues centre on things like enlarged pores, blemishes, uneven tone, wrinkles, dullness or pigmentation. Establishing any such problems will finalise what you need from your skin cream. Typically, those with oily skin should always go for oil-free products as oil blocks pores even further. Those with dry skin should choose extra moisturising properties to balance their skins hydration and prevent dry patches and flaky skin. Finding the Perfect foundation Cream skin creamSo, now you know what skin type you have and have recognised problems that you need help with. This information is vital in order to find the perfect cosmetic that will protect and perfect your skin while supporting the problematic issues. For example, an individual with oily skin in their early 30s with blemishes should opt for creams that are oil-free and loaded with protective nutrients to fend off early signs of aging. A woman with dry skin in their 50s should choose enhanced moisturising lotions with wrinkle-fighting ingredients and a wealth of sun protection properties. A final thing to consider is day or night cream. Day products should always include UV protection while night creams should act to restore and replenish the skins natural properties.