My make-up removal routine

make-up removalPutting on make-up can be fun, especially if the reason for putting it on is to look your best for the great event you are attending. However, removing the make-up is another story, because this job usually comes at the end of the day, when you just feel like jumping into bed and falling asleep. While jumping straight into bed is the more tempting option, it is important that you spend enough time and effort on make-up removal. For, without a good and proper make-up removal routine, you will find that your skin will not behave the way you like it to be. Easy Make-up Removal Techniques I have two make-up removal routines – the first is the short version, and another is the long, elaborate one. At times when I am very tired, I use the shorter version. I start by squeezing a bit of cosmetic remover cream onto a few pieces of square cotton puffs. Some people use regular moisturizer or lotion when doing this, which can work out just fine. Then, I gently wipe my eyes with the cotton puffs. If I have stubborn make-up like waterproof mascara, I do this several times. Once my eyes are rid of cosmetics, I repeat the step on my T-bone and cheeks using either the square cotton puffs or some make-up wipes. Either way, the puffs or the wipes must be fresh. I do not ‘recycle’ the puffs or wipes after they are used at other parts of my face. The short make-up removal routine ends here. Of course, this over-simplistic regime is thesquare cotton puff barest minimum one. Going a few more steps beyond this is much better in the long run. So, if what I have on my face is heavy, or if I still have the energy to pamper my face some more, I would then proceed to apply a cleanser, followed by a toner, and then moisturizer. The toner picks up on whatever left-over traces of make-up on the face, while the moisturizer serves as a kind of balm on my skin after it has been subjected to the rather harsh make-up removal routine earlier. This full regime will not only make my skin feel better, it is also psychologically calming as I lay down to sleep. Only the Best Products for Me I have been using only the best make-up removal products. They smell fresh, and are gentle to my rather sensitive skin. This means they are water-based, and without any perfume or alcohol. I believe that a good facial cleanser applied with a spiral motion on the skin goes a long way to improve blood circulation, opens up pores, and does cleansing, exfoliating, and toning on the skin. Most of the time, I actually enjoy my make-up removal routine!

Apply Properly Your Mascara

mascaraThe skill to apply mascara can be mastered fast and easily. The eye product is available in many colors to suit many different kinds of eyes and eyelashes. You have to ensure you pick the right mascara before proceeding to application. Once you learn the basics of application you will be in a position to refine your skill until you become a fan. Applying mascara will enhance your eyes and define your eyelashes. In addition, it can give you pretty and natural-looking lashes. The steps are simple to follow to achieve a fantastic mascara-look that you have always wanted. Use an eye curler to give your lashes some curls. Open the type of mascara you have chosen to complement your look. Pull the wand out and remove any unnecessary mascara by scraping the tip or dabbing it on tissue. Hold the mascara and start applying with an exterior motion. Place the wand near the roots and wiggle it to apply the lash line and work your way to the tips. The wiggling gives the illusion of depth, reduces clumping and helps to separate the eyelashes. While still wiggling, move the wand through your eyelashes by using the upward motion. Use the wand to pull the eyelashes outward and against your temple. Apply more coats preferably 2 or 3 to acquire a more defined look. Apply the other coats while the first coat is not too dry to avoid clumps.

Tips to Applying Mascara Properly

Make sure you clean your eyelashes well before you apply mascara.applying mascara Keep your eyes open so you can see how you are doing with the application and to avoid smearing. If you have to apply mascara on the lower lashes ensure you place tissue under the lashes. Do not apply all the lower eyelashes. Instead, give the lashes at the outer corner of your eyes a light touch to avoid a doll-like look. Pumping the wand in and out allows air in the tube which can cause the mascara to dry quickly. A color that is slightly darker than the color of your eyebrow can give you a more natural look. Bend the wand at the best angle that gives you a steady hand. Curling your eye lashes before application can give your eyes a brighter and wider appearance.

How to Remove Mascara Lumps

You can learn to apply mascara like a professional once you learn the steps, tricks and tips. However, you may get occasional clumps on your lashes. Clumps give the eyelashes an inconsistent and shady look. You can remove the clumps by using an eyelash comb to brush your eyelashes after the mascara has dried.

Find your skin type

skin careIn a world where beauty is prized, skin care reigns supreme. But before a good skin care regime can be developed, it is important to know and understand the type of skin you have. This vital knowledge should be used as the basis to devise the most suitable cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine for yourself. If you keep to this routine religiously, then, over a period of time, you will see the fruits of your labor. Basic Skin Types In general, there are five main skin categories – dry, normal, oily, combination, and sensitive. Of course, normal skin is the best because it is the least problematic. It looks clean, and has a feel of elasticity and suppleness when touched. Even with age, those with normal skin type look good. Dry skin, on the other hand, tend to have reddish patches, alongside flakes and fine wrinkles, resulting in a dull and ashy appearance. In contrast, those with oily skin suffer from shine and rather large pores. To add, blackheads and blemishes are a part of this skin type. Most people have combination skin, which is probably the most difficult to take care of. For, you will have to deal with two different types of skin behaviors at any one time – an oily T-zone, and dry cheeks. Breakouts are quite frequent, and skin pores, especially at the nose area, are likely to be quite visible. How to Determine Your Skin Type In order to determine your skin type, just answer some basic questions like your skin’s texture, pore appearance, feeling of tightness around the mouth and the eyes, and the existence of shine, wrinkles and pimples. There are many internet sites that provide these easy tests. The diagnosis will be given in a fraction of a second after you have completed the test. Of course, if you prefer, just visit some departmental stores that stock upmarket skin care products. There are surely some beauticians on duty who can help you determine the skin category you belong to. Care for Your Skin body creamOnce you know the category of your skin, you can look for the most suitable products to buy and how best to use them. For example, if you have combination skin, a balance between oil control in the T-zone, and moisture application at other areas, is needed in order to ensure an even and healthy skin tone. A good, mild cleanser used twice a day would be sufficient. If you have sensitive skin, sun-screen creams and lotions should always be applied. The cleanser to choose here is the basic, mild, baby soap. On the other hand, dry skin calls for creamer or lotion cleansers rather than bar soaps. No matter what your skin type, there are thousands of products out there you can choose from. Choose and use the products wisely for the best skin results!

What is a BB Cream?

What is a BB Cream? blemish balm creamBB creams are everywhere having made a massive impact upon the world of everyday cosmetics and beauty over the course of the last 2 years. Originating in Asia where they have long been popular, this miracle cream has made its way to become one of the beauty essentials of recent years with almost every known make-up and beauty brand developing its own version. The BB in BB cream actually stands for Blemish Balm although this can be slightly deceptive as it is certainly not just aimed at spot-prone skin. Essentially it is a highly multi-functional or all-in-one cosmetic that serves a multitude of purposes. It is this convenience and functionality that have attracted many women and made it a fundamental part of many beauty regimens. Protection and Nourishment While the creams vary to some extent depending upon the brand, they essentially all have the same properties, one of which is to protect and nourish the skin. These lotions are infused with several skin-boosting nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals that serve to hydrate the skin while also creating a defensive layer against harmful environmental effects. Most are also inclusive of a degree of UV protection and pore-refining and smoothing ingredients which altogether help to moisturise and protect the skin on a daily basis. Alternative to Foundation As well as the hydrating and protective factors that the cream provides, it can also be used as a foundation or basic cover-up instead of make-up. The cream is tinted so you can usually choose which shade you want – much like real foundation but with less colour variety – and provides a great level of coverage for blemishes, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores or any other areas that need correction or coverage. While more severe blemishes and spots would likely warrant a stronger concealer, this cream is perfect for everyday milder blemishes that do not require a strong concealment. Dewy Appearance One of the many factors that women admire in this product is the dewy and soft coverage that it gives too the face. Rather than looking caked-on or heavily made-up, this cream is designed to look extremely natural and fresh and creates a dewy glow and radiance when applied properly. This look is very on trend at the moment and the cream makes it very easy to achieve. Overall, the multi-functionality of the cream and the convenience it provides makes it a great option for busy women, or women who do not like to wear much make-up, as it saves time and hassle particularly in the morning when every moment is precious!

Choosing the Right Face Cream

Choosing the Right Face Cream face creamPicking out the perfect face cream can be an extremely confusing thing! There are so many options, varieties, brands, labels, keywords, recommendations, types, guarantees, promises and advertisements that we are bombarded with every single day so it can be very difficult to decipher which is the best product for your particular needs and skin type. What works for one person may not have any positive effects on another. How to choose the right face cream is largely dependent upon the type of skin you have, what you want from the face cream and how old you are. Of course, it goes without saying that younger skin is very different to older skin and within this variation, skin types differ vastly. Younger Skin Young skin needs relatively little in the way of repair and restorative nutrients. It has suffered relatively little environmental damage and still maintains a high level of natural collagen, elasticity and moisture levels. Problems associated with younger skin usually surround blemishes and flaws as opposed to wrinkles or pigmentation issues. When picking a face cream for young skin it is always best to go for protective products that will target the very early signs of aging and prevent any sun damage or other pollutants from damaging the skin in the future. Oily skin should always go for oil-free products while dry skin needs to be constantly hydrated. A BB cream is a great option for young skin as it combines hydration, coverage, sun protection, nourishment and a dewy complexion without having to resort to heavy foundations or unnecessary supplementary cosmetics. Mature Skin How to choose the right face cream for more mature skin is quite different. Aged skin has extremely different properties than younger skin. It has lost much of its tone, radiance, elasticity and youthful appearance and so restorative and nourishing products are fundamentally important here. How to choose the appropriate product depends on how severely the skin has aged, whether or not it has been very damaged by the sun or even a poor diet. Wrinkles and uneven tone are very common factors of mature skin so choose products that are rich in nutrients, enzymes, collagen, proteins, keratin, vitamins, minerals and other replenishing ingredients. It is also vitally important to pick a cream with an inherent UV protection and a healthy dose of vitamin E which can often be lacking in older skin. There are several brands available that target mature skin and combine a range of specialised ingredients which are designed to target the most common problems of older skin.

Feed Your Dry Hair

dry hairIf you have tangled, frizzy, lifeless dry hair, you must look for the right products to feed your hair, and which will ascertain that you cam comb through without breaking it. If you take time to take care of your damaged hair, this will make it smoother, silkier, and soft to touch, which will enhance your self-esteem too.

Add moisture to your hair using shea butter

When your hair is brittle and damaged due to dryness deep condition the hair using shea butter, this will give it a boost of life. Many hair specialists concur with the fact that shea butter is great for dry and damaged hair, and you can even treat the hair at home and not have to continue enduring dehydrated hair.

Use leave in conditioners

Regardless of the kind of hair whether natural or relaxed, your dry hair will benefit a lot from using leave in conditioners frequently, especially after every shampoo session. After shampooing and towel drying the hair, apply a medium amount of leave in conditioner into your palm, and massage it into the hair, beginning with the scalp. Then use a wide-tooth comb to untangle the hair gently while ensuring each hair strand receives sufficient conditioning.

Use deep conditioning treatments

Use a deep conditioner at least once a week, after shampooing the hair every 3 to 4 days unless you work in a very dusty or smoky environment, which will demand that you wash the hair every day. Dry hair, needs to retain as much moisture as possible, and washing too much deprives it of the much-needed moisture. hair conditionerAfter shampooing, apply deep conditioner to the hair working it into all the hair strands and scalp in the best way possible, while ensuring that each strand gets enough of it. Massage it into the hair and scalp, and comb through using a wide-tooth comb, and apply a warm towel to deep condition. Then wait for about 20 – 30 min, remove the towel, rinse and dry the hair using a low heat dryer. Doing this on a weekly basis will ascertain dry hair management and treatment.

Use sun protection on the hair

When going out in the sun use a sun protection leave in conditioner. This will help repair dry hair and even protect it from further damage. On the other hand, you can also spray it with coconut, jojoba or argan oil before you go out in the sun, pool or beach. When you are choosing products to use for your hair, ensure that they have the following ingredients since they contain the essential nutrients to treat dry hair. Biotin that helps the hair grow, Vitamins A, C, B and E, cooper, iron, collagen, amino acids, and zinc oxide.